Great for orders of 12 or more items with vibrant colors and extremely high washability

Custom screen printing is by far the most popular decoration choice for custom t-shirts and apparel. When you choose custom screen printed tees, you will get a fantastic, durable, vibrant print that is cost effective and long lasting. The prices of custom screen printing on t-shirts is quantity based so the more you buy, the cheaper they will be! Get your logo applied to a shirt forever with screen prints.
Multiple ink colors can be used, and the inks can be blended together to achieve many colors while keeping it a cheap (we are talking high quality at a low price!) custom tee shirt! PMS color matching is also available if you have specific colors in mind for your personalized printed logo T-shirts and apparel. Or, choose from our huge selection of stock screen-printed ink colors. Specialty inks are available as well! 

Please call or stop in for screen printing pricing.  Pricing is based on several factors including amount of colors, quantity of shirts, as well as the type of garment needed.  Quantity breakdowns and discounts are based on total imprints of each design.  Multiple garments styles can be used to get to a lower price break .  We offer discount printing for schools, churches and resale customers

we're all about the details

With Screen Printing, we pride ourselves in the details!  From the design process to using high quality film for our print positives and then to the state of the art light source that allows us to get the best possible print with extremely high detail. We excel in the details. The image to the left is especially difficult since it required a flash heat and a second coat of ink

screen process

To make a screen, we take a computer file and separate each individual color. Each color is output to a solid black opaque film. We take a clean and empty synthetic mesh screen and coat it with a photosensitive emulsion, and allow it to dry in complete darkness. We then position the printed film over the screen and expose them to a very bright light source. The area exposed to light will harden and the area blocked by the film, the image, will wash out. After drying the screen will be aligned on the press where we spread ink over the screen with a smooth plastic bladed squeegee, which will force the ink through the mesh onto the fabric below. Each color is a separate layer, or screen, so by setting up multiple screens, multiple colors of ink may be used in the design, up to 6 colors at a time. After heating the ink to a temperature over 320 degrees, it will then bond to the fabric permanently. Below is a basic diagram of the screen imaging process.