Artwork Requirements

Artwork guidelines are what we prefer. If you do not meet these guidelines or are unsure, please don't hesitate to call us at 906.828.2500

We will not turn away jobs that don't meet our guidelines.




Vector files are our preferred file format to work with. Vector art can be scaled up or down in size without the loss of resolution. In most cases vector artwork is produced by a professional in the design, sign and printing professions. If you don't have vector art, you can always as the designer or sign company if you had a sign made.


File extensions: .ai, .eps or .svg


  • Convert all fonts to outlines or curves

  • Make sure strokes are converted to outlines or curves

  • Files cannot contain any embedded raster images which will cause pixelation when enlarged




Raster images are pixel based images. These types of images pose more challenges to screen printers because increasing the size will cause pixelation. Any pixelation in your image will appear in the print as rough or jagged lines. You can submit raster images but they must be to the following guidelines.


File extensions: .psd, .jpg, .png or .tif


  • Artwork is the same as the print size in inches.

  • 300 DPI

  • Images downloaded from the internet are usually at 72 DPI - These are not acceptable. However they can be reworked by our team for a design charge.